Welcome to the Insight blog — the water feels great!


For Insight's maiden blog post, I'm going to declare myself a super fan of the creative, do-it-your-own-way weirdo. I'm talking about you — the person that doesn't fit into the box of traditional employment, who's making their thing their way because they simply have to. You know who you are. Your work is delightful, unexpected, needed, new, or therapeutic — crafted from your hands, your ideas, or your unique perspective. And maybe, just maybe, you've been so busy realizing your vision that you've pushed money to the back burner. That's where I can help.

I'm so glad that you're out there doing what you do that I've spent the last 10 years studying how money works just so I could help ensure that you can keep doing it. Please — keep creating your perfect birdhouse, because I'm here to hold the money piece in place, while you hammer the rest of it together.

The Insight Blog is a place where I plan to house the overflow of ideas that spill out of my brain about the intersection of finance and life. My passion to understand money is all about finding ways to finance our wild ambitions, and keep us safe even if we didn't choose the path of a steady job.

In my financial planning practice I work with my clients to crack the hard nuts and figure out ways to solve their unique money issues. And whenever we come up with a perfect strategy, I think — there are probably other people who could benefit from this. With the Insight blog, I now have a place to share these solutions.

So if you feel like you don't fit into any particular box, and no one understands your money issues — I've got your back. If you feel like you were supposed to have already figured all of this stuff out by now, and are afraid to ask the questions — don't worry, I've heard it all! If you want to build a life, a career, a business that is unique to you, and construct the money systems that will push you forward — then dive right in, the water feels great!

I invite you to comment and ask questions — I want to hear from you! My work is focused on serving the needs of hardworking, creative people, and this blog is where we can share ideas, hash it out, and get to know each other!