Turned off by the Financial Industry? Us too. That's is why Insight does things differently.

Financial planning doesn't usually look like this. 


The Insight Method

If you want to drop off a few documents, and in return get some pie charts with hundreds of pages of confusing filler — this is not for you. 

If you want to take control of your finances, learn the tools to grow assets, and be an active collaborator in your financial future — then you're in the right place! Insight's mission is to not only craft the perfect plan to fit your life and your goals, but educate you on the mechanics of how money works so that you'll no longer be the by-stander in your own financial life.


There's lots of hand holding,
without any actual hand holding

This program is part education, part rollup-our-sleeves planning, and all collaboration.

We'll talk. We get to know our clients really well. We want to understand your motivation, your biggest fears, your values, and aspirations. This is essential for building an effective plan, because when you add your real life to your money you'll have a real reason to act. 

We'll put you to work, and our time together could feel a little like being back in school (the most relevant, totally empowering, useful school you've ever attended!). From our meetings, you'll be given highly targeted 'homework' that will get you digging into your financial data, history, and habits, revealing a clear picture of what's happening. 

We'll look at your goals, and determine timeframes, costs, and assign numbers. So, what was once just a dream, transforms into a detailed blueprint.

This process is hands on. If you want to do something ambitious and start putting the pieces in place for your extraordinary future — the time to start is now, and the most important ingredient is you. This plan will work, because you'll help create it, you'll understand it, and you'll know the steps to take.  

You'll leave educated, with a plan in hand. Our work will be collected into a carefully crafted document that reads with the intrigue and clarity of an illustrated travel guide. Contrast that with the thick, impenetrable plans that are output from 'Big Finance' and you'll know instantly, why our method works: Your Insight Plan is written to take you from Point A to Point Z. Big Finance offers plans that will leave you confused and dependent. Which feels better to you?

Insight will be your ongoing mentor, to make sure sh*t gets done. We'll be your partner in monitoring and adjusting your course of action, to make sure you don't fall behind.


Why are insight plans different?

Because Christina is a different breed of planner. 

"I didn't grow-up in the financial industry, but instead have had careers in Design, Illustration and Fine Art — all places where I saw smart, motived, hardworking people fall victim to misunderstandings with money. Inspired by the good folks in my creative community, I've made it my mission to become an expert in money for regular people, specializing in strategies to deal with a fluctuating or unpredictable income. I use my years of experience in information design to take the thorny topic of money and transform it into something anyone can master."  


All investing involves risk, including the potential for loss of principal. There is no guarantee that any investment plan or strategy will be successful.

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